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Independence, OH 44131, US

Photo Realism / Pop Art Original Hand Executed Oil Paintings


Contemporary artist Jose Luis Quinones fuses Photorealism and Pop Art together  producing an amazing visual delight!

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Featured Paintings

"Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand"

Quinones captures this nostalgic M&M candy treat and blends Photorealism with Pop Art to create this amazing  circular painting of pure delight. One can almost see the goodness in the intense colorful candy coating while anticipating the chocolate center.

Quinones cleverly generates this Photorealistic  painting of eggs appearing to pop off the canvas

"Eggs In The Round"

Quinones cleverly generates this shaped  painting of eggs which appear to pop off of the canvas. In contrast, the tranquil decorative platter attempts to encircle the eggs with a flowing floral design that moves your eyes around the edges of the canvas surface. 

"Pop Art, Zero Calories"

Using Photorealism, Quinones interprets this circular geometric metal surface with organic flowing liquid complete with effervescent bubbles giving this painting movement and rhythm and of course zero calories!

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Jose Luis Quinones Artist

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